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Hi and thank you for visiting Butain Media Group’s website. Here you’ll find just what you’re looking for when it comes to advertising, marketing and meeting all of your companies media needs in an increasingly crowded and difficult marketplace. In addition to plenty of sample work that we’re producing for current and past clients, we’re constantly writing helpful articles that give an insight as to what we know and how we think.

This way, when you do decide to work with us and trust your business to our very talented and skilled staff of marketing and advertising professionals, you’ll know that you’re going to meet with aggressive, cutting edge “out-of-the-box” thinkers that strive for the synergistic marriage between practical applicability and genius visionary.

By the time you’re ready to contact Butain Media to help with the Advertising and Marketing promotions for your company, you’ve undoubtedly tried to ether do it yourself, hired a college student or had a relative working on some of the projects that you’re trying to do yourself, or have had another firm who’s heart was just not behind your business the way ours will be.

All of the above scenarios equal failure because you may not be making the proper investment of time, talent, money and energy into marketing engineering and ad campaign implementation. Because of the lack of preliminary preparations, we see the most failures in real world application of advertising strategies. We believe that we can help your company correct this problem even before it has begun.

Lesson 1: Taking a thorough look into your business and seeing the truth about it. Without this step, you’ll almost invariably begin any marketing or advertising campaign (one in the same) off track and get minimal results if that. We are about maximizing results, that means, maximizing marketing response in the way of; leads, orders, reorders, referrals, recommendations, customer/client – brand/company loyalty, and much, much more!

Lesson 2: Fixing what is broken, accenting what is astounding! Your business performance inventory will reveal just what needs to be addressed. Most businesses have some area that is hemorrhaging, causing excessive damage. What’s worse is that if the right amount of energy as placed into focusing on fixing this area, the damages would cease and invariably lift up and accent the better areas of what the company has to offer its key client base.

Lesson 3: Playing on Your Strengths. We’ve all heard to play on your strengths, but how many companies know precisely what their strengths are, and if they do, how to strategically and systematically “play on them”, so that they maximize their overall return on advertising dollar invested. The great aspect about knowing this one single strategy, is that it will spill over into your profitability from new customers, existing customers, and even customers that you think you’ve lost.  The more you know your strengths, the better you can convey a convincing and converting message to your primary prospects.

This is just a small sample of the in-depth work we do for your companies bottom line. When it comes to bettering your company, bettering your Brand, and bettering the business results that you want to grow; we go beyond the extra-mile in finding the what, where, why and how we can deliver.

Your business is your business and its your life’s work, often times, your greatest investment, its our job, and duty t work as hard, if not harder for the success of your business that you would. This is our mission. This is our promise to you.